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Battlegrounds mobile India has recently announced it’s all new July Update. The game has also announced its official partnership with US based automobile company TESLA. The update contains many features that will improve the overall game experience and also make the game more fun. Below is all the information given by Krafton about the update.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Tesla Update

In the Tesla update, a gigafactory has been installed at 4 fixed places in the map of Erangel. In this gigafactory, players will be able to view the full production of the Tesla Model Y from scratch. Krafton has also announced that the players will also be able to drive their all new car. And they can also access the amazing autopilot feature that is often found in Tesla cars. An auto-driving Tesla Semi will also randomly spawn on the rural roads of Erangel and automatically run along specific routes. Also, the players can deal damage to the Semi to obtain supply boxes that contain combat supplies.

TESLA is a company of electrical cars and clean energy. The company’s name is a tribute to the science prodigy Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk has served as CEO of Tesla since 2008. Tesla main objective is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.

New Weapon- MG3

MG3 is Battlegrounds Mobile India all new weapon. It is a light machine gun that that can take no attachments except the scopes upto 6x. This gun will only be founds in airdrops. The M249 which was earlier a drop gun will now spawn randomly on the maps. The MG3 will be available in only Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Livik. Hope you have fun using this gun!

Additional Features For Better Gameplay

Now, a graphic option that is lower than smooth is available for low end devices and also 90FPS is supported on a host of new devices. These features have been added to elevate the gaming experience for the users of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Update- Royal Pass

Battlegrounds Mobile also announced the royal pass month system. Now the royal pass will only last for a month. The price for the royal pass has also been reduced to 360UC (for one month). Also, the maximum limit of the royal pass level has been reduced to 50 i.e the players can only upgrade their royal pass upto 50 rank.

Ignition Mode Update

In this mode, there will be 6 energy and research facilities that will spawn on specific locations on the map of Erangel. This mode also includes new tactical gadgets such as patrol robots, information collectors. There will also be a transporter which goes by the name The Automatic Hyperline. This transporter will transport the players to different places on the map.

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