Release Date of Battlegrounds Mobile India for IOS

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds mobile India was launched in India on 17th June. The long wait is finally over and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has officially arrived in India for android users. In no time, BGMI has hit 10 million+ downloads on play store. But the release has not been very pleasing for many users. YES! You guessed it right, the reason for this discontent is that the game has not been launched for iOS devices. There has been no official response by KRAFTON pertaining to this topic.


Famous influencer ‘Maxtern’ has hinted in his latest interview that the game might release on 8th July or 9th July. Though there has not been any official report, but these hints may lead us somewhere, as these influencers often get hold of inside information about the game from the officials at KRAFTON. Although, it seems that this was just a simple guess.

Another influencer who goes by the name ‘GHATAK’ added a story on Instagram in which he said that the game might still take time to launch in iOS and players should shift to android in the meantime.

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One cannot say for sure that the game will be released for iOS in the near future. Both the influencers mentioned above have contradictory statements, and hence no conclusion can be drawn from them. It would be best to wait for the official news and in the meantime as GHATAK said “android ki jugaad karlo”.

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