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Is PUBG MOBILE LITE re-releasing as bgmi LITE?

After the ban of PUBG MOBILE in India, it was re-released as BGMI a few months back. BGMI was welcomed with a great happiness in India, but since then many players have also been waiting for the re-release of PUBG MOBILE LITE. The lite version was specifically made for low end devices and thus players have been waiting anxiously for it release ASAP. There have been some rumors about it releasing as BGMI LITE in India.

BGMI LITE Release Date

There has not been any official statement regarding the launch of the game yet. But it expected that there will be some big official announcements by the end of October. Many renowned creators in the Mobile gaming industry such as Ghatak, God Praveen YT, Dynamo and Maxtern have also given some hints about the launch of BGMI LITE.

Ghatak in one of his instagram stories mentioned, that “the game will release for sure but will take some time”

Maxtern also tweeted “BGMI LITE see you soon”

Dynamo too in one if his livestreams mentioned that the game will release owing to its fanbase in India.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Pre Registration

There has been no official update about the pre-registration of the game by Krafton but according to the rumors it will be available by the end of 2021. The game would be still in development and after the alpha version of the game is successfully tested, KRAFTON will soon release the beta version of the game on playstore. But, we should not get our hopes high as popular streamer Ketan K18 Patel has hinted that Krafton may not be working on BGMI LITE at all, instead they are working on improving the game for iOS devices.

BGMI LITE Apk Download

As the game has not been released yet, its apk is not available. But once it is available, the downloading process will be as usual. You’ll first need to pre-register the game on playstore and once its available, it will be automatically downloaded on your device. You can download the PUBG MOBILE LITE apk from the link given below

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