How to Fix Bullet Registration Problem for BGMI?

Bullet Registration Problem

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a game that is loved and played by many. Any game played, should be fair to both the attacking and defensive side. A player should not be at a disadvantage, just because of some glitches and Bullet Registration Problem at the technical side of the game.

Nowadays, many players have been encountering a bullet registration issue, which has proved to be a nuisance for a lot of players. Fair gameplay is the most important part of every sport and any hindrance caused to it should be terminated. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the several ways to solve this problem and create a just gameplay environment for everyone.

Solutions to fix BGMI Bullet Registration Problem

  • There are many reasons for the registration issue, but first we should try to fix the issues at our end. “Practice makes a man perfect”. The reason for feeling that your bullets are not connecting can be that your aim is still not good enough. Therefore, the first step towards fixing this problem is to improve your gameplay and aim. If this does not help, then we can move to further solutions.
  • Another reason for you encountering this problem maybe that you have a lot of applications running in the background. If many applications are running in the background, then they maybe taking up a lot of ram. Not only do they make your device slow, but also consume a large share of the internet. Therefore, you should always make sure that you have no applications running in the background. Also look out to clear your storage space as much as possible.
  • Now, the main reason that your bullets are not registering, are the issues with your internet. There are various solutions to fix your internet problems, out of which the important ones are listed below-


Rebooting your Wi-Fi router might have a huge impact on your internet speed. What rebooting does is that it clears up the router’s cache memory. Cache memory is the short term memory of the router. If the cache is cleared, then the router will work more efficiently and smoother than before.

Hence, it will improve your internet speed and in turn fix your bullet registration issue. You can reboot your router by two ways- 1. Unplug the router’s power cord and wait for 1 minute and plug it, again or 2. Use your modem’s companion app to reboot.


Step 1- Open the Settings app on your device

Step 2- Search for reset Wifi, mobile network………

Step 3- Click on reset settings

Fix 3- Changing some in-game settings

Step 1- Open BGMI

Step 2- Tap on Settings

Step 3- Click on advanced settings

Step 4- Disable and Enable Aim assist

Step 5-Decrease Third-Person Perspective camera view to the minimum value.

This should possibly fix the issue.


To repair your game-

Step 1- Open BGMI

Step 2- Tap on Settings

Step 3-Click on Log Out

Step 4- On the login screen, click on repair game

Or you can directly uninstall and reinstall the game

Other Possible Fixes

1-Make sure your device is up-to-date i.e it has the latest firmware and software version installed.

2- It is highly recommended to use Wi-Fi over mobile network as Wi-Fi connections are more stable.

3. There should be no applications running in the background.

4. Try to use the phone’s storage as little as possible and frequently clear up cache memory.

I hope that this fixes your problem!

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