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Call of Duty mobile was launched in 2019, and is one of the best fps games for mobile out there. The game has more than 700 million+ downloads. This game gives a tough competition to leading games such as Free Fire, Battlegrounds Mobile India etc. Recently, Call of Duty Mobile has released some new redeem codes. Using these redeem codes, you can get forbidden weapons for free.

Latest redeem codes for Call of Duty Mobile

Using these redeem codes, you can get the Peacekeeper Mk2 – Golden Talon (Forbidden Weapon) for free.

Following are the redeem codes-

  • CODMA473366440
  • CODMB846206751
  • CODMC753629219

How to avail the redeem codes ?

Step 1- Open the redemption website

Step 2- Open the game, copy the user ID and paste the ID on the first block

Step 3- Enter the redeem code in the second block

Step 4- Fill the captcha verification and click on submit

NOTE- Redeem codes are available for a specific region and are available for a limited time.

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