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The Nvidia RTX 4090 is the upcoming GPU of Nvidia’s 40-series (Ada Lovelace). It is a gamer’s dream to build the most powerful gaming pc, but currently with the GPU prices at their peak it has been difficult for the fellow gamers to achieve this dream. Although the prices have been coming down at a diminishing rate in the foreign market, but in India there have not been any significant changes. The main reason for the high prices of the graphics card is shortage of silicon (the semiconductor of which chipsets are made of). It is assumed that the existing chip shortage may continue till 2024.

RTX 4090

The RTX 4070 and the RTX 4090 are the upcoming graphics cards by Nvidia. The RTX 4090 is to be the new most powerful GPU till date after the RTX 3090. It is rumored to be twice as fast as the RTX 3090 and even faster than that. There have been some leaks about the potential memory configurations for the GeForce RTX 4090 and 4070. There also have been rumors that the RTX 4090 might feature 24 GB of GDDR6X memory at 21 gigs per second. Not only does the Nvidia 4090 comes with a memory upgrade, but it will also support more cuda cores. The graphic card will require a whopping amount of 600 watts of power. It is much more than the RTX 3090ti, which required 450TGP (total graphics power). 450TGP was a big deal in itself and was shocking to the people. There’s a big difference between 450 TGP (total graphics power) and 600 TGP (total graphics power). The GPU is also assumed to provide a memory bandwidth of up to 1 TBps.

RTX 4080

As for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080, it is rumored to have 16 GB of GDDR6X memory. Just like the RTX 4090 it will also wield the Ada Lovelace architecture. Also, it will feature more cuda cores in comparison to the RTX 30-series graphics cards. As for the power required by the graphic card, it might come with a TDP of 450 watts. If you already have a high wattage power supply, then there is no need for replacement, and you can continue with your old power supply. It will also feature higher hit rate and bandwidth in comparison to the earlier 3000 series graphics cards.

RTX 4070

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 will be the most affordable graphic card among all the three in the RTX 40-series. There have been rumors that the RTX 4070 might feature 12 GB of GDDR6X memory at 18 gigs per second. In terms of power consumption, it will require 300 watts of power. You most probably might not need to buy a new power supply if you are upgrading to the RTX 4070 from any 3000 series GPU. The RTX 4070 will also feature more cuda cores than its predecessors. It, too, will feature higher hit rate and bandwidth in comparison to the earlier 3000 series graphics cards.


There have not been any leaks about the expected prices of the graphics cards. But, owing to the performance that these graphics cards will provide, it is safe to say that they would not come at a cheap rate. These graphics cards belong to the premium section and will surely not come at a price that will be affordable by all. Not only does one need to spend a fortune to buy the RTX 4090, but he would also need to replace his power supply. Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing these graphics cards, make sure that your pockets are quite full. I hope this was of some help!

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