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Graphics card price drop is the most important concern for gamers in the current era. The graphics cards prices have been skyrocketing in India since the past few months. It has become very difficult for gaming enthusiasts to get their hands on both the Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. The main reason for this unnatural hike in prices is due to semiconductor shortage and crypto miners. It is not only GPUs are too overpriced, but RAMs and CPUs too. The supply is very short and this has created discontent among many looking to forward to build their gaming PC. Currently, the prices are triple the list price, but there may be some ray of hope for the prices to go down.

Graphics cards price drop in Global Markets

Owning to China’s bitcoin crackdown, there has been a huge movement on the GPU market. 62-65% of the world’s crypto mining was being done in China. And, due to the ban on mining in China, the excessive demand for graphics cards has been reduced. Chinese crypto miners are flooding the markets with their second hand GPUs. This has led to a decline in GPUs prices to some extent.

The Windows Central report has stated that the GPU prices that were 3x their original MSRP have come down to 1.5x. This not just a temporary drop and the report suggests that the prices may come to their normal rate in various markets.

Graphic cards price drop in India

Although the global markets are seeing a rapid drop in GPU prices, the condition of the Indian markets does not seem the same. It may take longer for the Indian markets to adapt to the change in the prices. Only some of the higher end graphic cards have seen a drop of up to 6k rupees. Also, the bitcoin mining ban in China has created more opportunities for future miners due to increase in profitability.

All we can do is to hope for the best and most probably the prices will normalize in the coming few months.


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